Lebanon, Pa

Pro Diesel Werks

Started in 2010 by Ladell Weaver. Pro Diesel Werks is best known for its line of transmissions, ranging from your normal everyday use transmission or the high towing capable transmission . All the transmissions built by Ladell come with a 5 year 100k mile warranty. Whether you have a GM, Ford, or a Dodge transmission we have expertise knowledge in all of the above. You will not find a better quality transmission built to fit your needs in the area.

Pro Diesel is also well known for the quality of work that comes in and out of the shop, from your basic brake repair to a full engine rebuild. Our work is guaranteed with a warranty as well.

Pro Diesel Werks currently has 6 total employees with over 30 years in diesel experience. The employees include:


Ryan is the front man at Pro Diesel Werks. He is the service writer and the guy to speak with when scheduling any maintenance on your truck..


Brad is our manager and the newest addition to the team. He is coming from a 9 year hiatus in the military.


Kyle is the veteran technician at Pro Diesel Werks. He started from the very beginning with Ladell, leading the way to ensure your vehicle leaves here better than it had arrived.


Kevin joined the team not long after we started. He has an extensive gasoline background. He also has proven to be an outstanding diesel technician and continues to improve everyday


Ladell and Amber

Ladell is the owner of Pro Diesel Werks. He started out as a young teenager at another local shop. After gaining the skills needed he started building his own transmissions. He and his partner started their own shop which unfortunately did not work out. After almost throwing in the towel he decided to pursue his dreams and created Pro Diesel Werks.